hardware realization in an easier way

With emBRICK – the modular, embedded  I/O system – you can develop hardware much faster.
Discover the power of an open-source and free solution and become a part of our idea.


and easy installation. No configuration necessary. Plug together and use.

Perfect For All Sizes

scalable 1 to >1000 I/Os,
local and remote topologies,
up to 1ms deterministic

open & free

also for commercial use in own appliances. For EMS with license fee.

easy to start

supplying reference designs, schematics, protocol source code. Samples and starter kits

easy adaptable

to all systems/hosts by using common, low cost standard μCs/components

very green

low own power consumption, average 50mW/slave module (without output load)

for industrial use

global and sector specific modules, direct connection to sensors and actors

Perfect For All Sizes

works with / programmable by various established, well known platforms / languages

What is embrick?
retaining wall

modular and open and free and …

Typical sectors are …

emBRICK for
Industrial Automation

general purpose and sectoral I/Os f or direct sensor/actor adaption. Reduces space, time and costs to 50% and less.

emBRICK for
Building Automation

For small local or centralized installations. Extrem fast, high space and cost reduction. Non-proprietary solution.

emBRICK for
Testing and Measurig

Fast assembling by using over 40 (growing) extsting modules. No configuration. Scaleable speed and acuracy/resolutuion. Drivers for several software platforms.

emBRICK for
Rapid Prototyping

You develop a new embedded project and the hardware is not ready? Start tesing your software with the real equipment by using a PC connected with existing I/O-modules.

emBRICK for
Education and Makers

Realize your ideas with a minimum of hard and software knowlege and learn how they work. Use emBRICK-modules and its software stacks for common maker platforms … or create your own modules based on free templates.

Ready to run with …