There are various possibilities to develop your application for emBRICK. For each programming-/target plattform we support a ready to run pen source tempares with an free emBRICK stack (thanks to all contributors).

MSVC C/C++ for Windows
GNU C/C++ for ARMx / Cortex
MPLAB C/C++ for Microchip
Enterprise Artchitect
PLC, others
LabView (coming soon)


This is how emBRICK® works.

Download the Big Picture

Basic system, architectual and topological information of emBRICK® and its communication technology brickBUS® with the focus on planners and users.

Download System Manual

Overviews and detailed datasheets of all IMACS available emBRICK® components. This includes electical and mechanical characteristics, terminal asignment and hints for their usage.

Download emBRICK® Products Catalogue

overview of typical em-BRICK® device configurations and sample constellations for dif-ferent industrial applications. It gives an idea how to use em-BRICK® as an alternative to a normal PLC or an individual PCB / embedded system.

Download Application Example Overview

is the manual for appli-cation software programmers when using established program-ing systems like Embedded-IDEs, Soft-PLCs, CASE-Tools but also native C/C++-coding.

Download Programmers Manual

contains answers to the most frequently asked questions about emBRICK® and its usage.

Download FAQ