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20VA Suppy power for emBRICK modules Main switch (optional) The module X-Inject230-20SM-01 is a switched power supply, it provides 24V and 3,3V to the emBRICK modules. The 24V can be used for small actors over a push-in connection. An exter-nal actuator can be supplied with 230V and special emBRICK modules with 230V. Optional a main switch can be connected. X-Inject230-20SM-01 ID 1-421 Supply Voltage input range – 180 - 250V ac Output power – 20VA alternative Voltage input range – 80V – 250V ac Output power – 7VA General Clamp Output voltage 24V – 24V dc ±10% Output voltage 3,3V – 3,45V dc ±5% Fuse1 – 0,2 AT Fuse2 – 5 AT Mechanics Terminals – 2 x 12, cage clamp Wago250 Connection – usable with one litz wire from 0.5 – 1.5 mm. Dimensions – 80 x ...

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