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Carrier-Board for SubBrick
2x SubBrick-Connector – not isolated

Out of stock

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ID: 2-801
Order No.: CAE_G-2ComSens-01
Terminal: SubBrick Connector
Size: 4 eU (44mm x 72mm)
BBFCP: 1-1-1
Weight: 40g

This is a multi-purpose module for many sensors and communication interfaces. The sensor and communication interfaces are on Subbricks. Up to two Subbricks can be connected to the Slave. As an interface for the Subbricks there’s a connector on the main PCB (Subbrick Connector 1/2). Multiple serial interfaces, digital in-/outputs and analog inputs are available over this connector.
The module version 2-811 is electrically isolated, while version 2-801 is electrically connected.


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