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I/O Brick_Process-Control:
2x Clack Control Valves
with 2x Clack-Puls-Flow-Meter
with 2x Resolver Inputs
with 2x IR LED Outputs
1x Clack Alternator Valve
4x Digital Output (for driving LEDs)


ID: 5-601
Order No.: CAE_P-2CcvCav4Do2Imp-01
Terminal: push-in (for < 0.5mm²)
Size: 6 eU (66mm x 72mm)
BBFCP: 1-1-1
Weight: 30g

The module is created to control two Clack-Filter-Valves and one Clack-Alternator-Valve.
Each of the tree valve heads contains of a DC-motor that is controlled by current (to set the torque) and a voltage/current measurement to detect the running state and end positions. The two filter valves also contain an encoder (position determination) and a flow meter (pulse based). The 4 digital outputs are connected to the signal LEDs “production” and “regeneration” on the filter valves.
The third motor controller is realized without an encoder and can only move to the end positions. In the middle no defined positioning is possible.
The module only offers the native In-/Outputs without any own functionality. The control itself has to be achieved by the bus master application.
Note: This module also requires the adaptor board inside the Clack-Filter- Valves such as the CAE_X-Clack9-01.

Technical specifications


Clack Alternator Valve1
Clack Control Valves22x Clack-Puls-Flow-Meter, 2x Resolver Inputs, 2x IR LED Outputs





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