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I/O Brick_Process-Control:
1x LF-Input, conductive, 2-wire
1x Temperature, KTY2K, 2-wire
1x Analog Output, 0..20mA
1x Analog Input, 0..10V, 2/3-wire
1x Pulse-In-/Output, n-switch, 2/3-wire
can also be used as a Digital-Input


ID: 5-512
Order No.: CAE_P-LfTmpAoDAioImp-02
Terminal: push-in (for ≤ 0.5mm²)
Size: 4 eU (44mm x 72mm)
BBFCP: 1-1-1
Weight: 40g

This module contains all IOs for a typical conductivity measurement with a range of 1 … 4000μS/cm (configurable). It supports the common cell constants of k = 0.01… 1.0 (configurable). An integrated temperature input (KTY81) supplies the necessary temperature compensation.
A special pulse input allows the direct adaption of a hall or reed-contact flow and volume sensor from 0.01 up to 250Hz.
Additionally one universal analog current (0..10V) input and one output (0..20mA) can be used for other analog sensors/actors.
Furthermore a semiconductor pulse output is present to control e.g. dosing pumps.

Technical specifications


Analog Input10 … 10V, 2/3-wire
In-/OutputConductivity1conductive, 2-wire
In-/OutputPuls In-/Output1n/p-switch, 2/3-wire, usable as in-/output
In-/OutputTemperature measure input1Temperature input, KTY81-2k, -10…50°C
OutputAnalog Output10 … 20mA





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