1x Relay-Output, NO, supply switching
1x Relay-Output, CO, supply switching
3x Relay-Output, CO, potential free
3x Digital-Inputs, 2-wire, common gnd
1x Puls-Output, isolated
1x AC-Current Input,2/20 Ap


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The module includes 5 digital relay outputs, 3 n-switching inputs, 1 isolated fast puls output and 1 inductive AC-current sensor.
The module has two potential free change-over relays which can switch a continouse current of 4A.
Four other relays are able to supply up to 230V. 2 of these are closing and the other 2 are switch-over. Each of the supplying relay can switch up to 5A. The max. permant sum current over the supply outputs is 5A.

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