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Bus Coupler, Local-Master
Remote Coupling Unit for
.. LAN (via Ethernet)
.. CAN
.. USB, SD Card

Out of stock

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ID: 1-712
Order No.: Z-BeagleboneBrick-02
Size: 9 eU (99mm x 72mm)
BBFCP: 1-1-1

It is an adaption board for the Beaglebone Black from TI which becomes an important professional industrial platform for many measure and control applications. By keeping the standard brick sizes, it is possible to use this board in all given mounting types.
The adaption unit is driven by 24Vdc and serves also as power-supply unit that delivers 3.3V and 24V for the slave modules. The LCSUL (together with the BBB) acts as an autarkic localmaster and supply the logical control of the connected slave modules.


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