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Bus Coupler, Local-Master or Remote Coupling Unit for
.. LAN (via Ethernet)
.. Serial (via RS232)
.. Serial galvanic isolation (RS485, CAN)
.. USB, SD Card
.. Display (via HDMI, USB-Touch)

In stock

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ID: 1-703
Order No.: CAE_Z-RaspberrypBrick-1#-RB
Terminal: push-in (for ≤ 1.5mm²)
Size: (72mm x 90mm)
BBFCP: 2-1-1
Weight: 200g

This is an adaption board for the Raspberry-Pi which becomes an important education tool and more and more professional industrial platform for many measure and control applications. By keeping the standard brick sizes, it is possible to use this board in all given mounting types.
The unit is driven by 24Vdc and also serves as power-supply unit that delivers 3.45V and 24V for the connected emBRICK slave modules. This brick acts as a combination of a remote and local master. Here is the Raspberry Pi the remote master and a separate MCU as a coupling brick (local master). The Pi and MCU communicates with a fast internal ModBUS-RTU.

• LAN-USB-Adapter zur Kommunikation zu Anlagen und ins Internet/Cloud über vorhandene LAN-Netze
• LAN-USB-Adapter zur Kommunikation zu Anlagen und ins Internet/Cloud über vorhandene LAN-Netze
• Kommunikation ins Internet/Cloud über vorhandene Mobilfunknetze UMTS, LTE

Technical specifications


Control unitProcessor164Bit, 1.4GHz, Quad-Cortex-A53
Control unitRealtime clock1battery buffered
Com. serviceFTP-Client1via LAN, otional: WLAN, Mobil, Serial, USB
Com. serviceFTP-Server1via LAN, otional: WLAN, Mobil, Serial, USB
Com. serviceModbus-Client1RTU / TCP
Com. serviceModbus-Server1RTU / TCP
Com. serviceOPC-UA Server1via LAN
Com. servicePC visualization/diagnosic tool1via LAN, otional: WLAN, Mobil, Serial, USB
Com. serviceWeb client1for IoT cloud communication via HTTP or MQTT
Com. serviceWeb server1for remote control via standard browser
InterfaceBluetooth1Bluetooth 4.2
InterfaceBluetooth Low Energy (BLE)1Bluetooth 4.2
InterfaceCAN1not isolated, ESD protected
InterfaceLAN1Ethernet IEEE 802.3
InterfaceMobile communication (via opt. USB-Stick)1LTE-4G
InterfaceRS2321not isolated, ESD protected
InterfaceRS4581not isolated, ESD protected
InterfaceUSB-A4USB 2.0
InterfaceWLAN1WLAN IEEE 802.11 ac


Control unit64Bit, 1.4GHz, Quad-Cortex-A53µSD-Catd-Flash, 1024MB-RAM, 32kB-EEPROMBCM2837B0, by default:
Rasperry PI OS (Debian)
opt: Ubunto by self setup

Data interfaces:

InterfaceBit rateelectrical connectionRemark
Brick.RS485-RS485max. 250kbpstwo wirenot isolated, ESD protected
Brick.CAN-CANmax. 1Mbps, CAN2.0Btwo wirenot isolated, ESD protected
Brick.RS485-RS232max. 115kbps3-wirenot isolated, ESD protected
CPU.internal-WLAN< 100Mbpsinternal antennaIEEE 802.11 ac
CPU.internal-Bluetoothinternal antennaBluetooth 4.2
CPU.internal-BTLEinternal antennaBluetooth 4.2
CPU.X03-Ethernet10/100Mbps, IEEE 802.3RJ45, TIA-568A10BASE-T/100BASE-T
CPU.X07-USBUSB 2.0 high-speed/OTGUSB-Anot isolated, ESD protected
Brick.X01-brickBUSmax. 1MbpsbrickBUS, TTL 3.3V (intern)IO-module interface
Brick.Visu-diagnosticsmax. 115kbpsTTL (intern)not isolated, not protected

Processor peripherals:

Realtime clockdeviation: +-1 minute/month







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