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Koppel-Brick, von Remote-Bus auf Local-Bus auf
.. TCP/IP (via LAN)
.. CAN (via CAN2.0)
.. Serial (via RS485, RS232)

with PTR Terminals


ID: 1-613
Order No.: CAE_Z-UniBridgeMX-13-RB-p
Terminal: push-in (for < 1.5mm²)
Size: (72mm x 90mm)
BBFCP: 2-1-1
Weight: 70g

The UniBrigdeMX is a coupling mode between an emBRICK Remote Bus and a Local Bus. Here it acts as a “non intelligent” remote bus slave and a local bus master and connects e.g. a PC with a string of the brickBUS® slaves modules.
The largest variant (1-613) contains the interfaces LAN, CAN and Serial (RS232 and RS485) which can be used to couple a remote-master. It is also possible to use the CAN and RSxxx as an IO-device (on request).

The unit is driven by 24Vdc (nominal) and also serves as power-supply unit that delivers 3.3V and 24V for the slave modules. Nevertheless the bus is controlled by the connected remote-master. The UniBrigdeMX acts as the bus master of the local bus and the connected slaves modules. Therefore it has the ability to control its string in exceptional situations autarkic e.g. with a teached output pattern.
Away from the coupling mode, the board can furthermore act as a low cost/low power I4.0/IoT-Interface adapter that supports the connection between local control units (RSxxx, TTL, CAN) and the WAN/Internet and also as a standalone bus master.

With PTR Terminals.

Technical specifications


Control unitProcessor132Bit, 80 MHz
512kB-Flash, 128KB-RAM, 8kB-EEPROM
Com. servicePC-Visualisierung1via LAN
InterfaceCAN1not isolated, ESD protected
InterfaceLAN1Ethernet IEEE 802.3
InterfaceRS2321not isolated, ESD protected
InterfaceRS4581not isolated, ESD protected


Control unit32Bit, 80MHz32Bit, 80 MHz
512kB-Flash, 128KB-RAM, 8kB-EEPROM

Data interfaces:

InterfaceBit rateelectrical connectionRemark
Brick.RS485-RS232max. 115kbps3-wirenot isolated, ESD protected
Brick.RS485-RS485max. 250kbpstwo wirenot isolated, ESD protected
Brick.CAN-CANmax. 1Mbps, CAN2.0Btwo wirenot isolated, ESD protected
Brick.X02-brickBUSmax. 1MbpsbrickBUS, TTL 3.3V (intern)IO-module interface
Brick.X03-Ethernet10/100Mbps, IEEE 802.3RJ45, TIA-568A10BASE-T/100BASE-T





More information upon request


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