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LAN/WLAN communication module

Power supply: 3.3VDC,
Current consumption: min.500mA,
Operating temperature range: -40 … + 85 ° C


With this module, a corresponding IMACS host board (e.g. CPU board) can be expanded to include a WLAN interface and an Ethernet connection, thus establishing a data connection with other systems such as a visualization PC.

The module firmware determines in which operating mode the module is operated, i.e. whether it functions as a transparent network interface for WLAN and Ethernet or only as a bridge for RS232.

The ESP32-wroom-32D product from Espressif Systems is used here.

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The speed of the Ethernet interface is internally limited to about 512Kbit/s, even if it is externally signaled as 10 Mbit/s.

Technical specifications

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More information upon request


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