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RS422/RS485 communication module

Power supply: 3.3VDC +/- 5%
Current consumption: 15mA
Operating temperature range: 0… + 50 ° C
Storage temperature range: -40… + 85 ° C


With this module, a corresponding IMACS host board (e.g. CPU board) can be expanded by an RS422 / RS485 interface and thus establish a data connection with other systems such as a visualization PC.

There are several jumpers on this RS22486 module with which terminating resistors are activated, the operating mode is determined, the baud rate is set and the echo is switched on or off.

JP1: Terminating resistor 120R TXB-TXA (active when jumper is inserted)
JP2: Terminating resistor 120R RXB-RXA (active when jumper is inserted)
JP3: operating mode selection (see Manual)
JP4: 9600 baud.
JP5: 19200 baud.
JP6: 38400 baud.
JP7: Echo active or inactive

Technical specifications

More information upon request





More information upon request


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