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Local-Master for BB-Black/Green
.. CAN, RS485, RS232, LAN, USB-OTG
.. µSD-Card, Socket-Modem
.. 24V supply, brickBUS-Master
.. back cover (IP20)
.. Touch-LCDs with Frame enclosure


The uniBRAIN-A8 is an universal, 24V driven industrial powerful CPU-base-board hosting the Beaglebone-CPUs with a Cortex-A8-Sitara, 1GHz, 4GB-Flash, 512MB-RAM
With different optional LCD front frame enclosures it becomes a compact front integration unit with a capacitive touch and 7″, 10.4″, 12.1″ displays.
As a compact single board unit it offers: Ethernet, CAN, RS232, RS485, USB OTG, µSD-Card, separate EEPROM and a battery buffered RTC. Moreover it contains an emBRICK-Master-Port (10 pol.) to drive up to 10 emBRICK slave modules.


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