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Technische Daten


Category Feature Quant. Details
Control unit 4,3″ Color-Display 1 480 x 272 Dots, kapaz. Touch
Control unit Processor 1 2MB+4MB-Flash, 8MB-RAM, 32 kB-EEPROM
Control unit Realtime clock 1 battery buffered
Control unit µSD card slot 1 for SD- and SDHC-cards
Com. service PC-Visualisierung 1 via LAN, Seriell, opional: WLAN, USB
Com. service Web client 1 IoT cloud communication
Com. service Web server 1 Remote control via browser
Interface CAN 1 not isolated, ESD protected
Interface Com. module socket 1 bestückbar mit LAN, WLAN, Bluetooth, GPRS, isolated RSxxx
Interface LAN 1 Ethernet IEEE 802.3
Interface RS232 1 not isolated, ESD protected
Interface RS458 1 not isolated, ESD protected
Interface SPI 1 Data bus
Interface USB-A 1 USB 2.0
Interface WLAN 1 IEEE 802.11, client and AP mode


Usage Processor Memory Details
Control unit Cortex-M7 mit
32Bit, 200MHz
2MB+4MB-Flash, 8MB-RAM, 32 kB-EEPROM STM32F7


Interface Bit rate electrical connection Remark
CAN max. 1Mbps, CAN2.0B two wire not isolated, ESD protected
Ethernet 10/100Mbps, IEEE 802.3 RJ45, TIA-568A 10BASE-T/100BASE-T
Expansion SPI max. 5Mpbs TTL, 3.3V not isolated, not protected
IO-module interface max. 1Mbps brickBUS, TTL 3.3V (intern) not isolated, not protected
RS232 max. 115kbps 3-wire not isolated, ESD protected
RS485 max. 250kbps two wire not isolated, ESD protected
USB USB 2.0 high-speed/OTG USB-A / Micro-USB not isolated, ESD protected
diagnostic interface max. 115kbps TTL (intern) not isolated, not protected
expansion socket max. 5Mbps seriell, TTL (intern) Socket modem


Type Details
Realtime clock deviation: +-1 minute/month
SD card slot for SD- and SDHC-cards





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