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Our starter packages

You are a Maker or you want to try emBRICK first? Then our Starter Packs are just the right choice for you! Get your test system running with your favorite programming language in less than an hour.

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Starterkit contains:

  • Adapter board(Z-RaspberryBrick-##)
  • One slave module (CAE_P-2Rel4Di2Ai-0#)
  • Carrier Board (CAE_Y-CHBoc200)
  • Sample application runs on Raspberry Pi with Raspbian(Version 2014-01-07) and Raspberry Pi 2 B with Raspbian(Version 2015-05-05) as operating system.

BeagleBone Black

The BeagleboneBrick Starterkit contains:

  • Adapter board (Z-BeagleboneBrick-##)
  • One slave module (CAE_P-2Rel4Di2Ai-0#)
  • Carrier Board (CAE_Y-CHBoc200)

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In addition to our starterkits, we are also happy to help with the development of an individual solution that meets your requirements. Please contact us or browse our store for a suitable module.

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